Please check your reservation so that it matches your wishes. Possible errors must be reported immediately.


* From the day of booking until 30 days before arrival, it is free cancellation.

* 30 to 14 days before arrival will be charged 50% of the booking price.

* From 14 days to arrival will be charged 100% of the booking price.

(Cancellation and changes does not apply to certain offers or discounts)

For cottages in Snogeholm: check-in is at 15, check-out at 11. Please contact Destination Snogeholm, Annika and Totte, on info@destinationsnogeholm.se  +46 (0) 730-645580 if you have other questions.


Through your payment you agree to the usage of personal data by By Nordiq and their partners. The purpose of this is to enable conventional customer administration, ensure that By Nordiq has access to reliable customer identification in case of emergency, meet the conditions for the cancellation insurance as well as administrate and manage possible personal injury situations.

The data can also be used to inform about insurance- and payment services as well as offers related to travel. The customer can also be contacted by for example email for market research and in the purpose of market research such as newsletters and leaflets. By booking online the customer will receive a confirmation by email plus a follow-up email with questions. The customer’s thoughts and answers are of great help for us. The answers of the questions are published statistically on different websites and become a resource for other travelers.

Your comments can be published anonymously on the web or in print. As a customer you can choose at any time to say no to dispatches per mail as well as unsubscribe from newsletters, this shall be done in writing to By Nordiq.

Personal data used includes name, address, social security number, phone number as well as email address. As a customer you have the right to once every year  – after a written request – receive information free of charge regarding which personal data By Nordiq has registered about the customer and in what way these have been used. As a customer you also have the right to demand that inaccurate data is deleted.

For contact regarding your booking, amendments or cancellation:

Destination Snogeholm AB

info@destinationsnogeholm.se +46 (0) 730-645580 - Annika and Totte

Read more about Personuppgiftslagen (PUL) at Datainspektionen –

www.datainspektionen.se [3]

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