These General Booking Terms apply to the booking of accommodation mediated by By Nordiq AB (BN AB), corporate identity number 556669-6125, Box 163, 271 24 Ystad, in connection with the event Rally Sweden arranged by Rally Sweden. BN AB reserves the right to unilaterally change these General Booking Terms. Any changes will take effect no earlier than 30 days after the changed General Booking Terms have been published in the Booking Portal. BN AB mediates bookings of accommodation in hotels, holiday villages, B & Bs and private accommodation in connection with Rally Sweden’s events.


1.1 By booking accommodation in the Booking Portal, you, the Booker, agree to these at any time applicable General Booking Terms. These General Booking Terms will apply regardless of whether you paid for the booking in full, in part or not at all. Therefore, check these General Booking Terms carefully in advance. The booking of the accommodation is binding on the Booker.

1.2 In cases where the Booker books accommodation for another person / other persons, the Booker assures with the booking, that the person / persons to whom the booking relates have taken note of these General Booking Terms which will apply to them through the Booker’s booking.

1.3 In cases where the Booker makes a booking for children under the age of 18, this is only permitted if consent is given by the person who has parental responsibility for the child.

1.4 Bookings are not possible to change and is not refundable unless specifically stated in these General Booking Terms. Booking of accommodation is binding and the fee paid is thus not refunded.

1.5 BN AB reserves the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these General Booking Terms to third parties.


2.1 Payment must be made in advance with a debit/credit card (VISA / Mastercard). You pay your booking to By Nordiq AB as they mediate and administer bookings and payments to private landlords, hotels, holiday villages, B & Bs, private landlords, etc. Payment instructions can be found in the Booking Portal. The right to use intermediary accommodation is granted only when full payment has been made.

2.2 After the booking of accommodation and full payment has been made, you will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. Check that the information in the booking confirmation is correct. If you have not received a booking confirmation within 24 hours of making the booking or if any of the information in the booking confirmation is incorrect, please contact us at bokning@bynordiq.se or tel +46 (0) 411 55 87 00


3.1 To protect and encrypt the Booker’s debit/credit card information when using the Booking Portal, encrypted connection (SSL) is used.


4.1 BN AB reserves the right to delete bookings / cancel bookings where payment has not been made on time.


5.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the Booker must provide specified information on the number of travelers and the names of those who will be staying in the rooms no later than 4 weeks before the group’s arrival.


6.1 Booking of accommodation is binding and payment made is not refundable.

6.2 Strikes, lockouts, fires, floods or other natural disasters, accidents, blockades, wars, government measures / decisions, new or changed legislation, restrictions on deliveries or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the residence’s control entitle BN AB and the respective accommodation facility to cancel the agreement / booking without obligation to pay damages in any form.

6.3 A booking arranged for accommodation in connection with Rally Sweden’s events is not refundable. In the event of illness or injury, you may be able to receive compensation from your insurance company. Contact your insurance company if you want to claim compensation.



7.1 BN AB mediates private rental property. The rental agreement, which BN AB mediates, – is entered into and applies between you as the tenant and the owner of the rental object as the landlord. At the time of booking, you will receive, after BN AB has received payment, an e-mail confirmation from the intermediary BN AB. The confirmation is accompanied by a voucher / document with additional information.

7.2 Booking is made on the basis of the object description which is based on information from the landlord. Provisions regarding final cleaning, cleaning and bed linen can be found in the landlord’s information or that it is agreed between you as a tenant and the landlord. The following rental conditions are valid in the rental agreement that with BN AB as intermediary has been entered into between the owner of the rental object and you as a tenant at the time of booking:

7.2.1 The rental object may only be inhabited by the number of persons specified by the landlord as the maximum number of beds, unless otherwise specifically agreed. The tenant does not have the right to set up tents, caravans on land belonging to the object. In case of violation of this, the landlord has the right to reject the excess number of people and no refund of booking amount takes place.

7.2.2 If there is no information about bed linen and final cleaning in the information from the landlord, the rule applies that the tenant is responsible for it and that it is not included in the rental price.

7.2.3 Unless otherwise stated in the information from the landlord, the object must be available for check-in from 15.00 on the day of arrival and check-out time must be no later than 11.00. The tenant and the landlord are responsible for agreeing in advance on key handover / return.

7.2.4 If the landlord does not allow pets, the guest is not entitled to bring pets. Even if the landlord has stated that pets are not allowed, it cannot be guaranteed that there have never been pets or that the landlord himself does not have pets.

7.2.5 Smoking is generally not permitted in the rental objects unless it is explicitly stated in the object description that it is permitted. In order for smoking to be permitted, it must be specifically agreed separately between you as the tenant and the landlord.

7.2.6 If a boat is included in the rental object, it is the tenant who is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is correct and that any training requirements (eg driver’s license) according to law exist, when using this boat. Neither the landlord nor the intermediary can be held responsible for any noise from traffic, machinery or the like.

7.2.7 Neither the landlord nor the intermediary can be held responsible for the quality of Internet connection etc. like for example. poor coverage, poor speed.

7.2.8 The tenant is responsible for stays in pools, whirlpools, etc. and you are obliged as a tenant to follow the regulations.

7.2.9 Please note that a rental object may be canceled by the intermediary or the landlord if there is a valid reason, such as. fire, flood, technical reasons that make the booking impossible or that the item has been sold. The intermediary can not be held responsible in these cases but only urgently help with the mediation of similar objects.

7.2.10 Equipment and fixtures in the rental object must be handled with respect, read more in the voucher information.

7.2.11 The rental object must be in order on arrival. Complaints regarding cleaning must be made immediately to the landlord. Should the tenant find deficiencies, damages on arrival, it must be reported immediately to the landlord and intermediary after moving in (within 72 hours), otherwise the tenant has lost the right to complain. The landlord and / or intermediary has the right to try to remedy any flaws within a reasonable period of time. Departure from the rental object before the end of the rental period, takes place at the tenant’s expense and risk, without the right to a refund. The tenant risks not being able to make demands. It is then considered that the Tenant himself has made it impossible to remedy. BN AB reserves the right to move the Tenant to another rental object in order to help the tenant who has problem with the object rented.

7.2.12 Upon departure, the object must be left in the same condition as it was on arrival. In the event of an error / damage caused by the Tenant, the Tenant will be liable for compensation.



8.1 Rally Sweden reserves the right to cancel or move the entire Rally Sweden event, or part thereof, as well as to cancel or move one or more competitions or change routes or start times.

8.1.1 due to circumstances beyond Rally Sweden’s control, extensive but not limited to government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, other natural disaster or major accident, or

8.1.2 if Rally Sweden or an authority deems this to be necessary for the safety or health of you and / or other participants, or

8.1.3 if the Rally Sweden competitions are not granted the official permits required for the competitions to be carried out.

8.2 This also includes bookings of accommodation.

8.3 BN AB reserves the right, in the event that Rally Sweden cancels or moves the entire Rally Sweden event, or part thereof, or cancels or moves one or more races or changes routes or start times, in the same way as Rally Sweden cancels or move accommodation.

8.4 BN AB has no obligation to refund booking fees or to pay damages or other compensation in the event that the entire Rally Sweden event, part thereof or one or more competitions must be canceled or moved or in the event BN AB has to cancel or move accommodation as a result of changes according to clauses 8.1.1-8.1.3 above or other extraordinary circumstances.

8.5 With regard to accommodation provided by By Nordiq AB to hotels, holiday villages, B & Bs and private accommodation, claims for reimbursement due to canceled or moved Rally Sweden arrangements are not made to By Nordiq AB.


9.1 Any complaints about purchased / booked product or service must be made directly to the respective resident as soon as possible. If the problem is not corrected, contact BN AB.

9.2 BN AB can be reached at: bokning@bynordiq.se or tel + 46 (0) 411- 55 87 00

9.3 The right of complaint is lost, unless the accommodation or their representative was notified on site and given a reasonable time / chance to solve the problem. Any claims for compensation shall in the first instance be directed directly to the respective accommodation and in any case be received by BN AB in writing no later than the last August of the year for the event.


10.1 BN AB is responsible for the personal data collected in connection with the mediation of housing. By Nordiq AB (BN AB) is also responsible for personal data for the information provided to accommodation in hotels, holiday villages, B & B and private accommodation.

10.2 BN AB collects and processes personal data that you provide to BN AB. Personal information that will be processed includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, gender, address, email address and telephone number. BN AB may also process information that is registered in connection with ordering, such as age, requests for special diets.

10.3 Purpose of personal data processing

10.3.1 BN AB will process personal data about booked persons in order to fulfill our obligations to the tenant and other participants in connection with the mediation of the accommodation booked by the tenant. Processing of personal data may also take place in order for BN AB to be able to fulfill legal obligations, including current security.

10.3.2 By Nordiq AB can be reached at: bokning@bynordiq.se or at telephone number + 46 (0) 411- 55 87 00

10.3.3 Please note that it is voluntary to provide your personal information, but in many cases BN AB can not provide you with the service and / or product you ordered if you do not provide your personal information.

10.3.4 The processing of your personal data may also take place in order for BN AB to be able to fulfill obligations in accordance with the Accounting Act and other laws and government regulations, such as applicable security. The processing may also include information about contacts between you and BN AB, such as notes on questions and complaints.

10.3.5 In addition to the purposes stated above, your personal data may be used for our market and customer analyzes, risk management and statistics in order to provide you with a better offer and better service. BN AB may, if you have not opposed direct marketing in writing, also use your personal data to provide various offers of services and / or products from BN AB. You can unsubscribe from receiving such offers at any time at any marketing announcement.

Storage of personal data

10.4 Personal data will be stored for accounting purposes for a period of seven (7) years. If consent is given to be able to follow up and develop BN AB also in the coming years, data is saved for five (5) years. Consent to newsletter until it is revoked.

10.5 Read more about how By Nordiq AB handles, processes and stores personal data in BN AB’s privacy policy: https://bynordiq.se/privacypolicy/

Who may process the personal data

10.6 Employees of BN AB. In addition to BN AB’s employees, your personal data will be processed by the BN Group’s partners in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, holiday villages, B & Bs, local partners and by the BN Group’s contracting providers of administrative services and system services.

10.7 Personal data will not be transferred to third countries. The booker whose personal data has been registered has the right to request an extract from the register to obtain information about which personal data Rally Sweden and By Nordiq AB process.

10.8 The booker also has the right to request correction of incorrect information and the right to have personal information deleted. The booker has the right to block processing and the right to oppose the processing of personal data.

10.9 In order for Rally Sweden and By Nordiq AB to be able to fulfill an agreement entered into for participation in Rally Sweden or another booked product / service, the booker´s personal data needs to be processed.

10.10 In the event of a blocking of processing by the booker´s side where Rally Sweden and BN AB cannot fulfill the agreement entered into, no refund will be made.

10.11 The booker has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Swedish Data Inspectorate.

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